Walking amongst the trees of the earth we find that many people see things and yet are not aware of the life and activities of the animals around us.  Birds for example are historic   columns of  DNA from time beginning.

Adam and Eve were created  after the animals.  One celled animals began it all. Now we have feathery animals called birds.  So with that being said,  scientists have stated that my little parrot is a descendant of  dinosaurs.  So lets explore the what that really means together.

How pollution affects these modern-day dinosaurs and modern day humans.  For example Chernobyl, is a major topic recently.  Out of sight out of mind–but tonight on animal planet the discussion and research of CHERNOBYL…Is presenting massive food for thought.

How the animals have responded to radiation and the options  of antioxidants by the biologists.  They say at the end of the show that the is hope based on adaptation despite mutation.

So follow along with me as we find out what is beyond the feathers, dinosaurs, and hope for the future despite the mistakes of the past.


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