Ouch. #stubbedtoe #toe #flipflops #dangerousfootwear — Dented Reality

Ouch. #stubbedtoe #toe #flipflops #dangerousfootwear

via Ouch. #stubbedtoe #toe #flipflops #dangerousfootwear — Dented Reality

I am adding to this  post because  I have  had  a terrible  experience with my big left toe.  I will not  share  a picture because it  is  too graphic.  It was an infection that  got out of  hand  and  was made worse  by  stubbing it in a pair of  bad shoes that I purchased  cheap at  PAY LESS SHOE STORE. However I am not  blaming  Payless.  The  type of  job  I was  doing at the time  I knew better than to purchase those  shoes  for my dangerous  job…but  I neglected myself  due to putting my son through private Christian School.  I digress,  I stubbed my toe hard…plus  I already had an ingrown toenail. Not  good..not good at all. I let it go because  I was a supervisor and could not take a  day off from  work to get to the doctor.  So  a month went  by.  I ended up  having the entire nail taken off and  hemoragging through the  gauze that the  doctor had applied…not  counting  the pain and suffering  from the  doctor  putting  5 needles into my toe…which  did nothing to stop the pain at all.  I was out of  work for almost  5 months because of  my BIG LEFT TOE…or as the doctor called it  GREAT LEFT TOE!  UGH..disgusting….I started to wonder if I would keep my big toe because the  big  wound on my toe would not heal.  I have multiple  DEBRIDING procedures…ONCE EVERY TWO WEEKS….PAIN..YOU HAVE NO IDEA….I  did not  know what is  was to sleep without  rocking myself to sleep.  My son  kept stepping on my toe by mistake and   my dogs  kept stepping on my toe  too.  No pain killer  worked on that  type of  OPEN WOUND PAIN…nothing  helped.  Anyway   I do not  want to gross you out.  I just want  everyone  to remember  your  feet and  treat them well.  Sacrifice and purchase the most  expensive HEALTHY SHOES for your  feet.  You will understand  why years from now.  I almost  lost my big left toe.  It  shows the  scars from that  terrible ordeal.  The  doctors  said I had an ingrown toenail and then I fractured  the  bone in my toe and did not realize it.  That is  why I almost had an amputation because the  fracture began  to interact with the infected  ingrown toenail after I wore cheap workshops and  banged into the  hard pointed  stainless steel at my job.  I was so stupid because  I did not  realize it  until it was too late.  Spare no expense on HEALTHY CLEAN SHOES for work and recreation.

Till next  Blog….riveroflifelisa


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