Aliens of Mars and Humans of Earth


WHAT IS  THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN US?  really?  Are we that much different?  An opportunity to move to Mars is  being  set up.  There are some people  who have  gone and put their name on a list.  That is  so scary to me.  How can I join a list that will put me on a space ship that has to travel many many many many  miles before it  reaches its destination?  I know that the experts will try to build the best and strongest ship.

But  my concern is that when I read articles about space travel it  seems to tell you that you might or  will not  be permitted to return back to earth if you decide to go to Mars.  So  if I did go to live on Mars would  I have to be there without  Cable  TV  or  Dunkin Donuts?  What about  McDonalds?  Just kidding…but  really eating  freeze dried space  food is  got to be  so boring after awhile right?

Imagine trying to ship PRODUCE like  cattle and  sheep and goats and fish to Mars and have our  farmed goods be grown in Mars  dirt.  Are we really ready for that in the next  20 years?

How  would you give birth on Mars?  Would your baby be floating  naturally?  Will your child  still look human or  will the elements of Mars  have  an affect on the  genetic code inside the body?  Do we need to do a little more research before we send  people to Mars to actually live?  I wonder  if  we will still look the same if we  gain weight on Mars.  Will you have the same time of  issues or  would you feel better lighter maybe?

Anyway,  those  are my concerns.  I used to think  Mars was weird because it  has red dirt.  But there is  plenty of red dirt on Earth too.  Go down South in the United States.  Carolina has beautiful  red dirt.  That is  some of  the most  fertile  land.  So  what  makes  Mars  so Alien after all?

Please comment and give you opinions  I wonder if other people  are thinking the same thing as me.  The  most  scary thought is that you  go to Mars and  cannot  return.  But  maybe if they keep working on the space vehicles  that  travel at high speed you just might be able to return to earth without a problem.  But maybe they would not  want whatever  elements of  Mars  germs,  issues  to return with you.  What do you think?  Let me  know.

Till next blog




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